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Welcome to Remembering Them

We are an organisation that cherishes the services and sacrifice of our past and fallen heroes. This is why we have set out to honour their efforts and carve their names and heroic actions in the sand of time.

In doing this, we have the following to offer.

Australian Capital Territory

It is necessary that we get you acquainted with the significance of Australian Capital Territory as far as these histories of war and conflicts are concerned in Australia. You cannot give a well-detailed account of the history of Australian war and conflict times without making reference to Australian Capital Territory.

New South Wales

New South Wales features some of the most important military and war monuments in Australia. As such, we can’t speak about the histories of war and conflicts in Australia without mentioning historical sites in New South Wales.

Northern Territory

We cannot talk about crucial war history in Australia without mentioning the Northern Territory. This is because it contains important war monuments, the most important of which is the Darwin Bombing Memorial, which remembers the greatest enemy act on Australia.


Queensland occupies quite an important place in the memorial history of Australia. Its Queensland Memorial Heritage Register contains memorials of important historic significance in Australia.

South Australia

When we speak of the military history of Australia and the memorials that signify them, South Australia is an important place. Amongst other things, it features memorial locations of both local and national significance.


Tasmania deserves significant mention when commemorating and remembering people of honour who fought in Australia's wars. This is because of the important monument that it contains, which is the Hobart Cenotaph, one of the few of its kind in Australia.


Victoria is an important state when we talk about the conflict and war as well as the general history of Australia. This is evidenced in the crucial war memorials that the state boasts of.


With a large number of museums across Australia, our organisation is able to provide complete and well-detailed information and database about the histories and events peculiar to the conflict and war times.

Military History

With the aid of several materials and resources that we have at our disposal, we provide a well-detailed description of these histories without omitting any information relating to the war times.

Honour Roll

The honour roll is a long-standing series of bronze panels with about one hundred thousand people as its members who happen to have died during or after service under the armed forces. It is the standard way of commemorating or celebrating fallen heroes who died while defending the country and her people.


The ANZAC day, which is April 25, is quite special to Australian because the ANZACS set out originally to capture Constantinople, which is present-day Istanbul in Turkey. From 1915 till this Day, the ANZAC day has come to mean a day to celebrate and remember the heroes who laid down their lives during the military operations.

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