What Is The Anzac Day All About?

ANZAC is an acronym that stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Historically, the Australian and New Zealand armed force members were formed on April 25, 1915. They were formed as part of the allied voyage that embarked on seizing the Gallipoli peninsula. These set of armed forces no sooner than later began to be regarded as ANZACS. And the name stuck since then till this day. April 25 every year has been chosen as the official celebration day of the Australian and New Zealand Army corps.

The ANZAC day which is April 25 is quite special to Australian because the ANZACS set out originally to capture Constantinople which is present-day Istanbul in Turkey, This wasn’t quite as easy as they planned, but they ended up capturing Ganipolo peninsula after like eight months.

The capturing didn’t go down without enough casualties and untold hardship from both sides. The ANZACS recorded nothing less down loss of lives of about eight thousand soldiers. This news had reached Australian citizens at home, so in order to commemorate the day and to remember the fallen heroes who had sacrificed their lives for the cause, they decided to set a day aside for this and April 25 seemed like the perfect fit.

The Australian and New Zealand Army corps were no doubt very courageous in all these ordeals, even though the capturing of the Gallipoli Peninsula recorded a military failure, the actions of the Australian and New Zealand Armed Corps left a very powerful legacy behind.

From 1915 till this Day, the ANZAC day has come to mean a day to celebrate and remember the heroes who laid down their lives during the military operations.

The celebration of the ANZAC day now takes two modes which are;

A celebratory service is held at dawn which is the time recorded for the landing of the original Gallipoli across the country. The commemorative service is then followed by a March of former men and women who were in service of armed forces. The march happens much later in the day, throughout the key cities in Australia as well as some smaller centres too.

Subsequently, celebratory events which are way more formal is conducted all over the nation at war memorials.

Some of the things which go down during a typical ANZAC day ceremony includes; an introduction, a prayer of the hymn, a prayer of words, a short address to all attendees of the day, placing of wreaths in the war memorial locations, a recitation, some moments of silence, reciting of the national anthem etc.

Once the Memorial is over, the families of the fallen soldiers will mostly put poppies of the colour red just beside the name of whomever they lost. Most times, because of the huge significance of the Rosemary, it is traditionally worn on the Anzac Day and sometimes on the Rememberance day. The plant can be found growing in the Ginapolli area, and the herb is also said to have healing properties- help to regain or improve memory loss.

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