Remembrance Day

The significance of the Remembrance Day.

The Remembrance Day is a day set aside to remember those who died while defending the Australian government in the First World War which took place between 1914 to 1918. It is this celebrated every November 11. By the 11th hour of November 11, there is an observation of a minutes’ silence for all those who lost their lives while defending the nation during the First World War.

In Australia, Canada, the United States as well as other allied nations, November 11 is widely known as Armistice Day, which is a day to remember the First World War victims. It was then renamed as Remembrance Day by the Australian government after a proposal by the United Kingdom after the Second World War as a way to celebrate those who lost their lives while fighting in both world wars.

During the conflict of the First World War, about seventy million persons were mobilised, including men and women. And about nine million of them died during this time.

The date of the remembrance which is 1th of November is quite significant because it was November 11, 1918, that guns on fell quiet and the war stopped after four consecutive years.

In this November, the axis powers called for a suspension of fighting so as to settle peacefully; this proposal was accepted by the allied powers on the basis that they would surrender absolutely. This was attained, and during post-war years, the day received wide recognition locally and globally.

The Remembrance Day is quite significant because it signified the official commemoration of those whose lives were lost during the two wars.

The Unknown Soldier

By the second anniversary of the Remembrance Day which is November 11 1920, there was an added significance to the Remembrance Day as it became a funeral with which body of an unidentified soldier was brought home from the battlegrounds.

More remains of unknown soldiers were entombed in London, and the location became an attraction for well over a million persons all within the period of a week. They all came to lay respect at the grave of the Unknown Soldier. This practice was further adopted by the United States, Canada and other allied countries; they started the custom of entombing unidentified member of armed officers who died during the war. They kept this on for a whole decade.

By the time Australia was celebrating its 75th anniversary, the remembrance ceremony had become the focus of the whole nation. The relics of an unknown soldier which was kept in a France cemetery became entombed the Hall of memory in Australia.

On Remembrance Day, service was organised concurrently in all major towns all over the country, making it occur by 11’o clock in the morning, which happens to be the 11th hour that held so much significance.

Around 1997 the Governor-general in Australia officially proclaimed November 11 as Remembrance Day and enjoined all citizens of Australia to observe it and pay respect to those who sacrificed their lives to keep their country safe during the war times.

Currently, this year will be the 100th year anniversary for Remembrance Day.

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