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Remembering The Sacrifice Of The Australian Heroes

Histories are vital to the existence as well as the growth of every person and country. To foster our relationships and ties to a common culture and historical background, it is important that we celebrate our culture and history. For countries with diverse histories, especially those that are associated with war and conflicts, remembrance ceremonies and customs are indispensable to the existence of these histories.

Since the Australian community has an ample record of several war and conflicts, it is important that we celebrate those who laid down their lives for the survival of the Australian communities. These celebrations and commemorative ceremonies are geared towards knowing the significance of the sacrifices made by those who died during the Australian war and conflict times. The commemorative ceremonies often attract a lot of speeches that reminds every Australian of a common history and time when some patriotic men and women lost their lives to preserve the integrity of Australia.

During the commemorative service on the National Anzac Day, myriads of speeches are made to keep every Australian abreast with the significances of the National Day. Through the speeches, Australians are made to see and know the names of their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and friends who gave their lives for their country and the people they loved. Every Australian is made to realise the beauty and honour that come with sacrifice for one’s nation and people. These speeches inform us as Australians about the need to protect and guide our people, defend the integrity of our land and create a more transparent and freer world. We are made to have feelings and sense of the experiences that are often associated with war and conflict. We are acquainted with the pains and agonies that come with conflicts and war through these speeches.

Through the speeches during these ceremonies, we are able to remember the courage and sacrifice of those who fought and died during the Australian war. We are made to realise that values cannot be bought but can be built by choosing to make sacrifices. We are exposed to the beauty of being patriotic and national conscious. These speeches equip us with the goodwill, courage, endurance, humour, ingenuity, consciousness as well as the need to devote ourselves to duty, to each one another as citizens and to our nation, Australia.

The speeches made during the Remembrance Day as well informed every Australian of the need to live for humanity and the growth and integration of our communities. The focus is geared towards recognising the sacrifices made for the Australia we have today.

At Remember Them, we keep track and record if these speeches in order to remind every Australian of those war times and those who gave their lives for others and for Australia. Through these records, we are able to immortalise the heroes and remind us of the need to be patriotic and have the love fothers and our country at heart.

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