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Western Australia: Home Of Memorials

There is no race of persons or country without a history. And as far as histories are concerned, place and event are indispensable. Generally, there is no history without three basic factors. These factors are time, place and event. Without these factors, history cannot be said to be complete. Thus, for every history to be complete, place, time and events play significant roles.

Over the years, the Australian community has experienced several histories of war and conflicts. These wars and conflicts have shaped the life of Australians as well as the Australian community. With the death of a lot of people and military officers who served during the war, it is important that the present-day Australians have deep knowledge about the courage and sacrifice these individuals made to protect their fellow citizens and the Australian community at large.

It is necessary that we get you acquainted with the significance of Western Australia as far as these histories of war and conflicts are concerned in Australia. You cannot give a well-detailed account of the history of Australian war and conflict times without making reference to Western Australia. This is because of the important objects and memorials that are common in this region of the country. The region is known to be home of objects and artifacts that reminds every Australian of the war times. It is obvious that Western Australia is also vital to the military history of Australia.

There are several monuments and memorials in this part of the country that are related to Australian war history.  These memorials remind us of the courage and sacrifice of people, both civilians and military officers, who lost their lives during the war. Some of these memorials are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Rockingham Memorial Park

This Memorial serves the purpose of commemorating the death of Australian men and women during the war times. It is dedicated to the Australian Navy for its active participation during the Second World War, Vietnam as well as the Korean Wars. With this Memorial in place, Australians are reminded of the sacrifice that comes with fighting for one’s nation during conflicts and war.

Albany Memorials

This memorial site has a large number of memorials. Examples of memorials present in Albany include Anzac Peace Park, Albany war memorial, apex drive honour memorial, the RSL memorial for nurses and the south-east Asian Memorial. There is also the national Anzac centre and the merchant navy memorial in this place.

Kings Park Memorial

Kings Park has several war memorials among which are Vietnam War memorials, Tobruk war memorials and others. The park is decorated with trees. Each of these trees signifies the life of a person who died during the war.

At Remember Them, we provide the details of all these memorials present in Western Australia to keep the history of the Australian war and conflicts alive.

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